3-Ton Electric Car Jack 3 In 1 – Electric Car Jack, Air Compressor & Wrench

Package Included
1 x Electric jack
1 x Electric wrench
1 x Manual remote control
1 x Remote control
1 x Battery power cable
2 x Double-headed sleeve (17-19 21-23)
3 x Spare fuse
1 x Hand crank
1 x Crowbar
1 x Cigarette lighter power cable

1 x pair of gloves

KSh14,999.00 KSh20,000.00

Name: 12V 3ton Lifting Jack
Model: TY42SP
Carrying weight dynamic: 1: 1.25 times. Static: 1: 1.5 times,
Load bearing: Bear 3Ton 
Jacking range: 140mm-430mm
Maximum carrying value: 5 Ton
Power: 12V DC
Top material: high strength nylon 66

Overload protection: When the load exceeds the rated load automatically stop working, protect the product from damage and operator safety.
Selection of high-quality four-pole carbon brush 12V DC motor, torque strong, powerful.
The top of the electric jack is made of high-strength nylon 66 material, and in real life, the replacement of the car tires has always been a headache for the driver, especially on the wild side of the road, in the hot summer, cold winter and drizzle Of the weather conditions, with hand-cranked (mechanical) jack to replace the tires is very time-consuming, laborious, individual gentleman, ladies have no strength to the car to the top, every time tired of sweating, and whole body mud The Tough anti-skid, effectively prevent the paint with the car surface.

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