Kitchen Silicone Gloves


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Silicone gloves are the best gloves to use any time as they are heat resistant which makes them much safer than ordinary fabric gloves.

They protect your hands and prevent accidental burns while lifting hotpots and pans, or when taking hot dishes out of the oven or microwave.

They also make working over the grill and smoker much safer.

They are completely water proof providing excellent protection from steam and hot liquids.
They provide good grip which helps prevent slipping and dropping of items.

Sufficient length- Your oven gloves should be long enough to protect your forearms painful steam burns when opening lids, working around the grill. etc
Comfortable- The inner limning also ensures that the heat insulating material does not irritate your hands prevents sweating and makes it easy to put the gloves on and take them off.
Flexible-Are soft and flexible enough to pick up small items or doing work that requires dexterity.
Easy to keep clean- well designed and silicone coated and very easy to wash.