Nunix Room Heater , NH-02/ Bathroom Heater/Space Heater


Nunix quartz Room Heater
heat glow plus can effectively heat the surrounding to make it cozy and
comfortable. This product keep you warm and active especially during
winters. It consumes very less wattage compared to other normal room
heater. It has dual power mode, can run on 800 watts and as low as 400
watts as well. It is easy to carry and easy to use, very portable and
efficient. The noiseless operation makes it convenient to use without
causing annoyance to anyone around you.

Features & details

Power: 800 watts Includes: Room heater and User manual Powerful and stylish room heater
cold months of Winter require a reliable, durable, and efficient room
heater that makes your surrounding warm and conducive so that you won’t
need many jackets and coats pilled on you. A good gift to a loved one.


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