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  • 200watts solar panel
  • 150Ah battery
  • 20Amp digital controller
  • 300watts power inverter
  • 4pcs LED bulbs
  • dropping cables..(5mtres red + 5mtres black)


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Solar kit is a kit where by is comply of four items include solar panel,charger controller,solar battery and powerful power inverter.  
This kit can able to light the all house including security lights, televisions and also radios.It can also used to charge mobiles phones. And also it is also a all weather panel. Solar battery is a dry cell.Controller is a digital controller of which it is very accurateUnder optimum conditions this panel will produce up to 10-11 A of electrical current. This is at a cell temperature of 25°C, measured with a thermos couple from the back of the panel.  It’s possible to generate more than 12 amps if at 0°Celsius, i.e. in snow and bright sunlightIf orientated facing true north on a 25° angle, the panel will receive a yearly average of 4 hours of usable sunlight each day (2 hours in winter, 6 in summer. This is based on Melbourne, Victoria.)So, 11A of current for 4 hours (4 x 11) PRINCE H.M SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES is 44Ah at 12 volts. This panel will produce 44Ah of power, on average, each day. And a special offer on  for all solar solutions 

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